Ducati 55mm & 30mm SocketDucati 55mm & 30mm Socket
Ducati Wheel Nut Socket - 55mm & 30mm Combination
This Wheel Nut Socket Tool, when used with a ½" drive torque wrench will prevent damage to the wheel nut, which can be caused by conventional hardened sockets, this tool is designed to be more sacrificial than the wheel nut itself.These socket's have been hard anodised to aide their resistance to the forces required when loosening/tightening the wheel nut.
Please refer to your workshop manual, or local Ducati dealer for the correct torque settings of your individual model. These torque settings are CRITICAL and must be adhered too. Beware of previously overtightened wheel nuts, these may require excessive force to remove them which must be done with a steel socket when the recommended torque is to be exceeded.